Staging Tips To Consider

You are ready to sell your home but aren’t sure where to start? Staging your home is a great place to start. Whatever your budget there are many options for you from hiring a staging professional to going through magazines or online for some great staging tips.

The “National Association of Realtors” says that 99% of  millennial potential buyers look online to shop for a home first. This means having your home picture ready is a must to capture buyers attention. This is a great way to showcase the potential in your home when putting it on YouTube, displaying on, sharing on various social media platforms and of course open houses for when the buyers are ready to see your home in person.

With so many homes to search through how will your home be remembered? Well as mentioned above the first step is to make it beautiful, but then what? Emotions help to solidify memories to more easily recall your beautiful home later on. When we have a showing or an open house it is important to have pleasant smells to arouse the senses but not too overpowering as that could be a distraction.  Let in the light to give an open and airiness to the home (don’t forget to dust and remove pet hair from furniture as the sunlight tends to amplify this), close toilette lids, make the beds, de-clutter, mow the lawn, pick up dog poop, weed the flowerbeds, put some pretty flowers in a vase, fresh linen and towels are all great ways to make your home smell fresh, airy and more presentable.

You may also want to consider a fresh coat of paint. This may seem like a big job but it can make a huge difference in the look of your home, inside and out. Paint can make old feel new again potentially getting you a higher price and sell faster.

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