Selling Your Home

So your ready to sell your home.

When you are ready to sell I am here to help you get as much as you can for your home. There are many of ways to add value to your home. Here are some things you may want to consider:


  • Home Improvements: This can be as simple as touch-ups like a fresh coat of paint to bring new life into your home, updating light fixtures, door knobs and cleaning carpets. You would be amazed at how much of a difference this can make in presenting your home. You may also be thinking of something more extensive such as of putting in a new kitchen, bathroom or flooring. This can vary in price depending on the products you buy. Determine your budget and go from there.
  • Tidy Up: A very easy task to give the space a more open and airy feeling. Clean from top to bottom, de-clutter everything that doesn’t add to a nice simplified decor. Put excess items in storage if you need to free up space.
  • Enhancing curb appeal: As we have all heard before, but it is so true, first impressions are important. Mow the lawn, pick up dog poop, rake leaves, remove dead plants, use the weed-eater around the edges to give a nice clean trimmed look to the yard and weeding the flower beds are all great places to start. Putting in new landscaping is another option to update the exterior with bright coloured flowers and shrubbery. Put a new coat of paint on the exterior to freshen things up. Stain the deck to make it more inviting to prospective buyers and add some planters.
  • If Its Broke Fix It: Things like missing door handles or hinges, burnt out light bulbs, missing light switch and plug covers are examples of easy fixes and should be done. Little things like that can give the home the appearance of not being maintained and might make a buyer wonder what else needs fixing. You may want to consider getting a home inspection done to omit any surprises later on when you have a deal in place. Most buyers will ask for a home inspection so this way you will know what they can expect. You could also offer the inspection report to the prospective buyer to look over.


Let’s put up the For Sale sign on your front lawn.


Listing Your Home for Sale


Now that your home is ready to be presented to potential buyers, it’s time to list.

  • Determine the Market Price: To price your home right I will complete a property market valuation based on the current market conditions and the most recent sold properties in in the same neighbourhood as your home or in areas where the prices and styles of homes are similar and can be used as a starting point.
  • Marketing your home: We now will need to market your home. Aside from newspaper advertising and listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®), I will create a feature sheet and information sheet for use at open houses and to give out to prospective buyers. Through blogs, social media channels including a Video Presentation or Virtual Tour of your home to share on the MLS®, various websites and my own personal peer network, I can get your listing viewed by a multitude of people. Home buyers have access to my personal “Home Search App” for ease of use on their mobile phones or tablets. Floor plans are another way to make your home stand out to potential buyers.


Reviewing and Accepting an Offer on your Home


We have an offer on your property:

  • Review the main terms: the main factors on most offers will include the price the buyer wants to pay, details about the offer and financing as well as any conditions, inclusions or exclusions the buyer wants to make contingent on the closing. These offers can be “firm” which means that they’re willing to buy the home exactly as it is. Or, the offer could be “conditional” on things like a home inspection, approval of financing or the sale of their existing home
  • Extras that may come up: price is not the only factor. The buyers may have asked for other things to be included like appliances, draperies or chandeliers. They may have even requested some minor renovations like re-shingling your roof or repairing your driveway. Some buyers may have asked for longer or shorter closing periods or made it contingent upon something else like selling their current home. All these factors influence what the offer truly looks like. As an experienced  agent I will help you to understand how these different scenarios could effect your position so you can make an informed decision on whether to accept, reject or make a counter offer.

If you accept, congratulations. If not, then it’s time to move onto the next step…


Negotiating and Counter Offers


Perhaps the price was lower than you were expecting. Maybe the buyers have asked for some extra inclusions. In some cases, you may have multiple offers from different buyers to entertain. Here are some things to consider now:

  • Counter offers: take a good look at what the buyer is asking for, then ask yourself, “Is it worth losing a sale for a minor inclusion like a rug or drapery?” Maybe not. So, the best strategy is to have one. Know ahead of time what you’re willing to compromise on and, as far as price goes, how much. Finally, if you feel you’re not going to be able to come to terms, don’t be afraid to reject the offer
  • Multiple offers: you may be in the situation where you receive offers from several buyers. Now, you have the opportunity to compare and decide which offer, based on price and conditions best suits you. Things that could make one offer more attractive than the other are pre-approved financing, the buyer has already sold their existing home or they’ve agreed to all conditions of sale without exception. One thing to keep in mind though is that patience and respect are paramount. I will certainly provide you with sound advice in this scenario to arrive at the best outcome for you and the fairest to all parties.

Now, even though you have a signed the Offer to Purchase, it’s not quite done yet…


Home Closing Process


Closing day is the day you officially take ownership of your new home. It’s an exciting time for sure. But there are a couple of details you need to keep in mind before you get handed the keys:

  • Closing costs: these fees need to be paid by or on the closing day and include mortgage application fees, inspections, legal fees, insurance, registration and more.

Don't forget... I,m here to help you through the process.


Now its time to move:

You may wish to rent a storage container to help with the transition from one home to another.

Make the phone calls to change your address and it's a good idea to visit the post office to have your address forwarded for a year to ensure you don't miss anything important, then you can change addresses as you receive forwarded mail.

Collect boxes or you can purchase various sizes from Home Depot here in Vernon, (this may be easier for stacking purposes to have uniform sizes). Don't forget the tape 🙂


Contact me for a current market valuation and to go over the marketing plan.